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Egyptian pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza and Cheops

Cheops Pyramid
Three massive stone monument towering over today desert to Giza and Cheops Pyramid , Great Sphinx , near the modern Egyptian capital Cairo. The biggest of these is the Great Pyramid, located between the Nile and Western Desert and was built for more than 20 years. Was completed around 2560g. BC It is located the burial chamber of Khufu (Cheops) - Egyptian pharaoh, who died in approximately 2566 BC Today, visitors of the pyramid are consumed by fear.

Spinx of Giza
Egyptian pyramids (and especially the Great Pyramid) is the only surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In this sense them sometimes includes Great Sphinx of Giza. Under the "Pyramid" is often considered only the three pyramids of Cheops, HefrenMikerin. They are located in one line. Chief architect and overseer of the construction is Haemon. Pyramids are located on the west bank of the Nile. Ancient Egyptians believed that this is the land of death, because the sun sets in the west. Their homes are rising on the eastern bank of river. The largest is the Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) (147m.), an area of ​​229 m2 and is almost entirely preserved.

Egypt - Cheops Pyramid
The true pyramid has a square base, from which four flat sides together on top. Great Pyramid was originally 146 meters high, but today is lower because there is no stone on top. The width of its base, measured from corner to corner, is 230 m. The word "pyramid" is Greek, not Egyptian origin and derives its name from a small wheat cake, which the Greeks baked at approximately the same shape. Can we do that the word does not fit such a massive building. This pyramid is made up of approximately two million stone blocks, the weight of each is approximately 2.5 tons. Great Pyramid was surrounded by temples and smaller pyramids. Later, the temple complex were added two more giant tombs - the pyramids of Hafr (Hefren) and Mankaura (Mikerin).

Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza, Egypt
Giza must represent one of the largest construction sites in history. Was populated by many architects, builders, surveyors and workers who labor by the sweat of the brow in the scorching sun. Probably took more than twenty years the rise of artificial mountain, but it also was necessary to build temples and the river ports. Work not carried out by robots and thousands of ordinary citizens. Each year when the Nile is spilled and forced them to suspend its agricultural activities in several months, they are expected to offer their services to the state.

A camel and the Giza pyramid
When Khufu (Cheops) dies, his body was transported in a boat on the Nile River to the temples at Giza, and later - sealed in one of the three burial chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The Egyptians believed that the survival of the world depends on the successful passage of the pharaoh in the afterlife - in fact the pyramid represents a huge launch pad where the spirit of the late ruler began his afterlife. Indeed Khufu has achieved some sort of immortality, because the tomb immortalized his name. Over thousands of years the Great Pyramid remains the largest and most famous buildings in the world.

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